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So, What Solar Incentives Does Wisconsin Have?

Maximize Your Investment With Solar Incentives

Net Metering

When you install a solar energy system, you don’t need to include a battery to be certain that you’ll have electricity when you need it. Thanks to net metering in Wisconsin, you can send your extra solar energy back to the grid in exchange for credits on your utility bill. When you need more electricity than your panels are generating, those credits can make up the difference for you. Xcel Energy offers the top utility net metering program in Wisconsin.

Solar Access Rights

To be sure that you’re getting maximum value from your solar panels, you have to have access to their power source: the sun! Wisconsin solar access rights grant homeowners the right to have unrestricted access to the sun, so when you install solar panels, you can rest assured that your neighbors won’t be able to do anything that obstruct your source of solar energy. Plus, if you live in an area with a homeowners’ association, your HOA can’t stop you from going solar.

Federal Solar Tax Credits

Don’t forget about federal solar incentives! With the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), you can reduce the cost of your PV solar energy system by 26 percent. Keep in mind that the ITC applies only to those who buy their PV system outright (either with a cash purchase or solar loan), and that you must have enough income for the tax credit be meaningful.

Focus on Energy renewable rewards

If you’re installing a solar energy system on your home in Wisconsin, you’re likely eligible for a rebate from Focus on Energy. Regardless of the size of your solar panel system and total project costs, you can get a flat $500 rebate to help decrease the permitting and interconnection costs associated with installing your solar panel system. Be sure to check the Focus on Energy website to see if your utility participates in their programs.

Solar Tax Incentives

Solar is a worthwhile investment, but knowing where you can reduce your costs is important to improving your rate of return. For residents of the Badger State, there are multiple tax incentives to help you maximize your savings: the sales tax incentive, which exempts you from paying sales tax on your solar equipment, and the property tax incentive, which exempts you from paying property taxes on any additional value solar adds to your home. Small savings can add up!