CF Solar Power in Illinois

What Solar Incentives Does Illinois Have?

Maximize Your Investment With Solar Incentives

ComEd Commercial Solar Rebates

ComEd provides Illinois solar rebates to help businesses go solar with a $250 per kilowatt (kW) rebate. The requirements for this program are that your business cannot use more than 2,000 kW of power and you have been an active customer of Com Ed.

Property Tax Break

You can benefit from solar incentives in Illinois that ensure you're taxed as if your solar panels don't even exist! Even if property tax rates go up, your solar energy system will still cause the value of your home to increase. This is a great way of getting a break on property taxes while saving money.

Illinois Adjustable Block Program

The best part about being a solar panel owner? You can get paid for the energy you produce! Thanks to Illinois solar incentives such as RECs. With RECs (renewable energy credits), people who own these panels are able to sell any excess power at fixed prices that would otherwise go back into heating homes and businesses.

Federal Investment Tax Credit (FTIC)

There's no better moment to embrace solar energy than the present, especially considering the remarkable Illinois solar panel incentives available. The FITC was 30% last year and will be 26% this year; it's about 20 months away from an all-time low of 22%.

Net Metering

Learn how to harness the power of your solar panels by running them in reverse! Explore the feasibility of utilizing the meter in reverse and unlocking energy credits through innovative IL solar incentives. For example, during parts when there is less sunlight so that home will be powered through these periods.


Your solar company may offer you a rebate, which is money that goes back into the government's energy credits account. This means they'll take an estimate on how much power will be generated over 15 years and apply it as credit for your installation!