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A property equipped with solar panels will not only have a higher value, but also a quicker selling time.

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CF Solar, headquartered in Sandwich, IL, is a solar company dedicated to assisting individuals in reducing their energy expenses by delivering solar power solutions for residences and businesses. Continuously exploring fresh approaches, we strive to empower homeowners to cut down on utility costs with our pioneering solar financing alternatives, including leases and solar loans. These financing options not only enable more individuals to adopt solar panels but also grant them the flexibility to live unburdened by soaring electricity expenses. Our overarching objective is to render renewable energy more cost-effective, providing people with the assurance of predictable annual electric costs devoid of escalations due to inflation or other influencing factors.

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Solar power energy company near me

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Investing in premium solar panels is an excellent strategy for reducing expenses. With a variety of options at your disposal, we're committed to assisting you in identifying the ideal system tailored to your requirements, ensuring a quick and effortless investment process. Embracing solar power not only promotes environmental sustainability but also offers substantial savings. We'll guide you through each stage, transforming the installation of solar panels into a pleasurable rather than a stressful experience. Once your system is operational, we offer ongoing maintenance services, ensuring smooth, worry-free operation year after year, irrespective of fluctuating energy costs.

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Battery Storage and Backups

Do you own a solar energy system but worry about potential power interruptions? Our range includes Tesla Powerwalls, LG Chem Batteries, and Generac Backup generators, enhancing the efficiency of your solar setup. Our backup solutions ensure a continuous power supply for your home in case of grid failures, ensuring the safety of you and your family during unforeseen circumstances. We find satisfaction in providing our customers with dependable energy around the clock. Therefore, avoid the inconvenience of being without power during an outage, unable to operate essential appliances like your refrigerator or stove. Invest in our solar energy solutions to guarantee a constant electricity supply for your property. Contact us today, and let's work together to create a tailored storage solution for your needs.

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Commercial Solar

CF Solar aims to be your all-in-one solution for commercial solar energy solutions. Our range includes cutting-edge and robust panels tailored specifically for businesses. Our services extend to comprehensive installation solutions, managing every detail so you can focus on your business. By adopting commercial solar panels, not only can you achieve a reduced carbon footprint, but also enjoy significant savings on electricity expenses. Installing these panels is a complex process that demands specialized expertise, and with our experience dating back to 2001, we guarantee a seamless installation process. Our commitment is to ensure your system is set up smoothly, cutting energy costs and prioritizing the safety of all involved in the project.

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Experience the affordability of clean energy! Contact us today for a complimentary estimate. Our rapid installation process will leave you grinning. The savings our clients achieve on both solar system installation and energy expenses grant them financial freedom, enabling additional home renovations. We guarantee to surpass any competitor’s price for comparable services. Our team takes pride in not only offering unbeatable prices but also delivering exceptional customer service. We aim to make your solar panel installation a delightful experience, free from hidden fees or surprises. Our unmatched warranty and monitoring packages ensure the long-term safety of your investment. Give us a call today to discover how our team can enhance the cleanliness of your home’s energy system!

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Ivy Pittman
Ivy Pittman
The team from upper management to the installers have been very professional. Everything Jason said would happen did happen, as far as no electric bill, energy credits, and a federal tax deduction for the first year. To me, solar is a great choice and is a no brainer. CF solar made it work out
Marilyn Nicholson
Marilyn Nicholson
Very pleased, the solar team was great. The solar installers at CF solar were done in single day as well. I'm very pleased with my panels and the new utility bill.
Maribel Perry
Maribel Perry
Had 12 panels installed on the garage; excellent experience from site inspection to completion of the project.
Curtis Orr
Curtis Orr
I am very happy with the solar panels for my home. I got expert advice and excellent installation.
Merle Warner
Merle Warner
My wife and I recently had CF Solar Power install panels on the roof of our new home and we can't be happier with the result! Everyone was very knowledgeable and professional and it is obvious they take great pride in helping people generate their own clean energy! Even the installers who worked on our roof through the hottest day of the year were in good spirits and happy to have helped another customer reduce their dependence on fossil fuels (and save $$$ on utility bills)! This was truly a turn key project and we highly recommend CF Solar Power to anyone thinking about solar!
Bill Bean
Bill Bean
We had a solar panel system installed by this firm a year ago. The complete assembly process and product services are of the highest quality. Professional installation, friendly personnel, and reasonable pricing for the entire solar system. This company is one of that I would suggest to anybody.
Curt Rich
Curt Rich
Great experience. Very knowledgeable sales people and installers. Jason the owner is the bomb. I asked a ton of questions and received a thorough explanation throughout. Would highly recommend.
Elizabeth Hall
Elizabeth Hall
CF Solar Power coordinated everything expertly. I wanted to put a new roof on my house before adding 17 solar panels with a 25 year warranty, so Adam at CF Solar arranged for my install about a week after the roofing permit came through and my roof was done. Everyone I interacted with was very pleasant and professional. They worked with me to place the panels to optimize solar capture and minimize visibility from the front of my house. The installation was completed in one day. I highly recommend CF Solar Power.
Naomi Gardner
Naomi Gardner
Our system was installed by CF Solar Power in December and I could not be happier how everything turned out. I had received several quotes from other solar providers but had a recommendation to try CF Solar Power. Right from the start their service level was superior to other providers by far. They were happy to re-quote several times until everything was exactly the way I wanted. They were even able to set me up with an integrated EV charger in the garage. Also, they had the best price of all the quotes I received. They took care of everything. Their installers and electricians were top notch. They were able to connect everything through the basement right into my garage to the Inverter/EV Charger. I wanted no wiring or conduits showing on the outside of the house (which i understand many installers do) and they completely exceeded my expectations. Overall, I am very happy I went with CF Solar Power and I do highly recommend
Ella Hart
Ella Hart
I chose CF Solar Power for a solar system on my house after speaking with 3 different solar providers in the area. I was referred to them by my real estate agent, and owner of CF Solar Power personally came to my house and detailed the solar installation, prices, options. He also made sure I understood all the potential financing, rebates, and incentives available to me. All the other companies sent sales reps and were pushing a finance option or PPA option only. It was an easy decision to go with a local company for my solar. Every step of the way, I was guided by 2 project managers who were very professional and communicated often, even when we were waiting for permits and other things to be approved. I asked a lot of questions, and they answered them all. They even connected me directly with a few engineers to detail the system design and specs. All of the installers that came to my house were very courteous and professional. They made sure to keep their work areas clean and safe and asked me my preferences on some aspects of the installation so it would blend with my house nicely. They took care of all the permitting, applications, and contacts with my utility. In the end I have a 12kW system that is generating clean energy for my family. We're pleased with the result and would recommend CF Solar Power to anyone.
Does Illinois Have Solar Incentives?
ComEd Commercial Solar Rebates
ComEd Commercial Solar Rebates

To be eligible for this program, your business must have an active history as a Com Ed customer and should not exceed a power usage of 2,000 kW.

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Illinois Adjustable Block

Earn money from the energy you generate! By utilizing Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), individuals with these solar panels can profit by selling surplus power at stable rates, which would otherwise be returned to heat homes and businesses.

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Property Tax

You will face taxation as though your solar panels don’t exist at all! Despite potential increases in property tax rates, the presence of your solar energy system will continue to boost the value of your home.

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