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CF Solar is a Sandwich, IL-based solar company that helps people save money on their energy bills by providing solar power to homes and businesses. We are always discovering new ways to help homeowners spend less on their utility bills through our innovative solar financings, such as leases and solar loans. These solar financing options allow more people to get solar panels installed and gives people the freedom they need to live life with without being held back by high electricity costs. Our goal is not only to make renewable energy cheaper for people but also to reassure them that their electric costs will be predictable from year to year with no increase in rates due to inflation or other factors.

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Investing in high quality solar panels is a great way to cut costs. With many options available, we'll help you find the perfect system for your needs so that investing today will be fast and easy. Solar power is a great way to go green and save money! We'll work with you every step of the way so that installing solar panels becomes an enjoyable experience rather than a stressful one. And when your system is up-and running, we will provide ongoing maintenance services for as long as needed after installation in order to make sure everything runs smoothly year after year without any worries on how much energy costs are going up each month.

Battery Storage and Backups

Do you have a solar system but still concerned about power outages? We offer Tesla Powerwalls, LG Chem Batteries, and Generac Backup generators that can make your solar system more efficient. Our backup systems will keep the power on for you if the grid goes down so you and your family can be safe during any situation. We get a feeling of fulfillment when we provide our customers have reliable energy at all times. You don't want to be without power during an outage with no way to power your refrigerator or stove. That's why we offer solar energy solutions to ensure you're never without electricity again! Reach out today so we can start designing a custom storage solution for your property.

Commercial Solar

CF Solar strives to be your one-stop shop for commercial solar power. We offer everything from sleek and durable panels, which are designed specifically with businesses in mind; all the way up through installation services that take care of every detail so you don’t have too! With a lower carbon footprint while saving money on electricity costs possible. Installing commercial solar panels is a complicated process that requires special expertise. That's why we've been installing them since 2001. We will make sure your system installation goes off without any hitches, saving you money on energy costs while ensuring safety for everyone involved in the project.

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You deserve clean energy at an affordable price so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for your free estimate!  Our lightning-fast installation process will make you smile from ear-to ear.. The savings our customers get on solar system installation and energy costs has allowed them financial freedom and even the ability to renovate other parts of their home. Sure, we’ll beat any competitor’s price on anything they offer – guaranteed! Our staff gets enjoyment out of beating prices and providing excellent customer service. We want installing solar panels on your property to be a pleasant experience. Plus, there are no hidden fees or surprises when you work with us. Our warranty and monitoring packages are also unbeatable- we want to ensure that your investment is safe long after installation for as long a time frame possible so give me a call today about how our team can help make your home run cleaner than ever before!

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Reba Freeman
Reba Freeman
CF Solar Power coordinated everything expertly. I wanted to put a new roof on my house before adding 17 solar panels with a 25 year warranty, so Jason at CF Solar Power arranged for my install about a week after the roofing permit came through and my roof was done. Everyone I interacted with was very pleasant and professional. They worked with me to place the panels to optimize solar capture and minimize visibility from the front of my house. The installation was completed in one day. I highly recommend CF Solar Power.
Beverly Carter
Beverly Carter
"I got 4 or 5 different quotes for solar panels for my house before choosing CF Solar Power. They were very impressive with their knowledge of different types of systems and components as well as the installation process. They also designed the largest system compared to the other companies, and managed to blanket my detached garage with the most solar panels possible. Everybody I dealt with from their company from the salesman to the installers as well as the project manager was very professional, helpful, and down to earth. They were even willing to travel all the way to my house which is ~70 miles from their location in Chicago which really impressed me. I'm very picky with work being done at my house and I couldn't be more satisfied with their work. From the panels on the roof, to the inverter which they worked with me to install inside my garage, everything was perfect. Very high quality work, and I would highly recommend."
Hector Hayes
Hector Hayes
My wife and I are very happy with the installation of our panels. From start to finish, CF Solar Power was wonderful. I began the process talking with Jason. He spent hours talking to me on the phone multiple times answering all of my questions. We emailed back and forth over 20 times regarding different options, products, design configurations, financing, etc. He really went above and beyond. I had obtained multiple quotes that varied wildly and CF Solar Power spent the most time with me, and were the most reasonable. London (co-owner) came out, and did all the measurements himself. London was also on site multiple days making sure I was completely satisfied. The other guys handled the job (including obstacles and setbacks) with poise and professionalism. The only real issues were delay issues caused by the city permit and inspection department and ComEd, and I cannot attribute those delays to CF Solar Power. After/During installation (behind the scenes in the office), Jason was extremely patient while helping me get set up with ComEd. To this day, CF Solar Power continues to answer any questions I have, and even came out multiple times to install additional consumption monitoring equipment to help me better monitor my system. It was a small additional job for a small fee, but they didn't hesitate to make me happy. I've had the panels installed and energized for about 6 months. I wanted to wait until I had an appropriate amount of data to write a review, and I can honestly say that Jason's initial estimate of production has been spot on.
Theresa Lee
Theresa Lee
We had a 9k system + battery installed by CF Solar Power almost a year ago. They were professional and responsive at every step of the way helping us understand the choices before purchase. After purchase they have responded to the very few calls or emails we have sent with questions. I highly recommend they make your cut when looking for installers.
Theresa Henderson
Theresa Henderson
I've had solar panels from CF Solar Power for over 2 years now and haven't regretted it for one second. Right off the bat the installation was pretty smooth and professional and Jason is one of the friendliest people I've ever met. Overall I'd recommend the company to anyone interested in helping the environment and your bank accounts. Regarding the panels themselves, I've saved so much on my electric bill with these things over the past couple of years. Add in the tax credits and rebates, and this decision is a no brainer right now.
Joshua Kray
Joshua Kray
The guys did great! We had multiple quotes and they beat them all and did whatever they could to try and earn my business. The panels looks fantastic! I’m looking forward to spending less on my utility bills especially in these times of inflation and uncertainty. Thank you CF Solar for taking good care of my home, family AND finances!
Kenneth Bell
Kenneth Bell
Had an overall great experience with the team at CF Solar Power. Their sales guy who initially sold us on going Solar was very honest and patient with us, which I really appreciate. As I was a bit hesitant at first, about adding the panels to my house, but really needed to lower my usage. They did everything they said they were going to do and we're very happy with the decision to go solar. The install team was in and out in two days and explained how we can monitor our production from the solar panels. Just good attention to detail and patience with me is what I appreciated most. Would recommend the CF Solar Power team to anyone considering getting solar.
christa papa
christa papa
I purchased my home solar system from C.F. Solar about two years ago, had a fantastic experience during the whole process. Everything worked out nicely and they saved us a lot of money on our electric costs. The solar system works great. Would highly recommend them. Thank you CF Solar!
Does Illinois Have Solar Incentives?
ComEd Commercial Solar Rebates

The requirements for this program are that your business cannot use more than 2,000 kW of power and you have been an active customer of Com Ed.

Illinois Adjustable Block

You can get paid for the energy you produce! With RECs (renewable energy credits), people who own these panels are able to sell any excess power at fixed prices that would otherwise go back into heating homes and businesses.

Property Tax

You’ll be taxed as if your solar panels weren’t even there! Even if property tax rates go up, your solar energy system will still cause the value of your home to increase.

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